Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BEA Photos!

BEA Day One! And it was a whirlwind start--we pulled into NYC from Boston. Jonathan dropped me at the Javits Center.and I headed for the MWA booth, where the Fabulous Flaxes, Margery (and her husband Steve) pulled together a jam-packed (I should say author-packed) booth, full of books and excitement and mystery-lovers. You can see by my delighted expression how much fun it was!

In the above photo--Chris Grabenstein (who is probably one reason I'm laughing so hard), and Ken Isaacson behind me, and Keith Raffel to my left.

Here's a photo Margery Flax took--she was everywhere! Keith Raffel, me, and Alexandra Sokoloff. My favorite part of this is the woman who's snagging Alex's new book THE UNSEEN. Well, who wouldn't?

I gave out lots of coupons for free copies of the MIRA edition of PRIME TIME--and they went fast. Thank you so much--and to all who got them, the books will be in the mail this weekend, I'm told!

Saturday morning: the MIRA signing, and the first look for readers at the all new AIR TIME, coming August 25.

Wow! It was astonishing. Look at the line! (That's me in the red jacket and leopard skirt, though you can't really see it) signing as fast as I can. And loving every second. In the right of the photo, you can just see my dear editor Ann Leslie Tuttle, who stalwartly helped through the whole lovely day.

More MIRA signing...

And more--look at the bags and loot hidden under the table!

This is what you can't see from the line..

And here's a wide shot of the whole signing booth...the
other woman in red (at the signing table) is the fabulous Joan Johnston. And next to her, the amazing Carly Phillips. (Got to love MIRA. What stars those authors are!)

Another shot of the line--and just to show how much fun we all had. I guess--free books make everyone happy.

That's Elizabeth Flock right next to me in the pale blue--signing Sleepwalking in Daylight. She has so many fans! And was unfailingly charming to every one of them.

And here's a line-up for you...the marvelous Bobby McCue of the iconic Mystery Bookstore in Los Angeles, Cara Black, who signed masses of her new book, a happy me, and Ally Carter, whose YA books are New York Times bestsellers--the latest of the Gallagher Girls series is Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover. (It's spies..get it?)

I didn't take a photo of all the ARC's Jonathan and I accumulated...a copy of Beautiful Creatures--which looks fantastic. And the new Alan Furst. And the new Lorrie Moore. And--the new M.T. Anderson. And lots more. Very exciting! (Or--did I already say that?)

All in all..a wonderful experience. And now, less than a month until the new PRIME TIME!

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