Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Candidly Speaking

With Bill Landay, Robin Cook, Reed Farrell Coleman, William Martin and Joe Finder at New England Mobile Book Fair's tribute to Robert B. Parker

At the Raising a Reader event, headlining with B.A.Shapiro, Anita Diamant and Gregory Maguire. ("I'd like you to meet Gregory Maguire" I said, introducing him to someone. "He wrote Wicked."  And then I burst out laughing. How amazing is that?)

With Nancy Martin at the TRUTH BE TOLD party at Mystery Lovers Bookstore

Four national presidents of Sisters in Crime-- 2013 president Hank with first president Sara Paretsky, 2014 president Laura DiSilverio, and 2015 president Catriona McPherson

Hank on the Town

Hurray! I'm the Toastmaster for the Malice Domestic conference in May! What an astonishing honor. Seriously--a dream come true.

KILLER NASHVILLE magazine issue number1! 
So honored to be on the first cover. Wow. Thank you. 

A wonderful time with the incredibly talented CJ Box at the Broward Country Lit Festival! We shared a panel, and were interviewed by the brilliant Oline Cogdill. 

Signing with Laurie R. King at BEA in New York. She is such a rock star. 

Out and About

Hurray! Winning my 33rd Emmy. For Best Investigative Reporting.
Giving the Keynote speech at the Connecticut Romance Writers Convention--what a fabulous event! Thank you to Kristan Higgin and CTRWA for inviting me.

Such a humid evening--even the camera lens fogged! Here's Daniel Palmer, William Landay, WIlliam Martin, Joe Finder...we waited forty minute in line to get our books signed byLee Child. Completely worth it. (And yes, I know, I'm holding my book wrong.) 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Taking Home the Tea Pot--Agatha Awards

Agatha Winner
Truth Be Told and "Writes Of Passage" WIN the AGATHA AWARD

The Wrong Girl an Agatha Winner!
The Wrong Girl WINS the AGATHA AWARD for Best Contemporary Novel!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cover Girl

"Ryan's Gift for storytelling excels." Hank on the September 2013 cover of 
RT Book Reviews with a 4-1/2 stars review of The Wrong Girl.

The Other Woman is the lead title for the Forge Books fall 2012 catalogue—
what an honor! Here's the cover of the catalog. You can see why I'm so thrilled.

Hank on the Fall 2012 cover of Mystery Scene with an in-depth cover story by Oline Cogdill

RT BookReviews COVER STORY: HANK gets 'Air Time' for her new release!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Trending tweets at the Midwest Writers Workshop.

Keynote speaker at the General Federation of Women's Clubs' annual meeting in Florida.

Signing The Other Woman at the American Library Association Conference.

Interviewing Sue Grafton at the Central California Writers Conference.

On the go with Dennis Lehane!

At the St. Louis Library with Michael Koryta, Megan Abbott, Reed Farrel Coleman and Ace Atkins.

The Malice Domestic auction with Katherine Hall Page and guest auctioneer, Harlan Coben.

With Reed Farrel Coleman and Dan Hale at the 2013 Edgars® banquet.

Winning the Mary Higgins Clark Award during Edgars® Week with Mary Higgins Clark herself.


What a treat to interview the brilliant Caroline Todd at the American Librarians Association convention in Dallas! She writes the wonderful Inspector Rutledge series with her son as "Charles Todd." SO here we were—Hank and Charles. Probably pretty confusing to those who weren't familiar with us!

This is Diana Henriques, author of the absolutely brilliant non-fiction book on Bernard Madoff, THE WIZARD OF LIES. I interviewed her for a convention in Boston, and then had the honor to sign with her!

At the Restaurant FLORA in Arlington MA. A SRO crowd for my book chat.

I'm on the faculty of MWA University..and this is a gathering for the group in New Orleans. With Reed Farrel Coleman, Nevada Barr and her husband, Less Lourey and David Morrell.

Dinner in Dallas after our presentation at ALA! And what a fun group: Denise Hamilton, Deborah Crombie, Harry Hunsicker, Alison Hunsicker, Daniel J. Hale, Rosemary Harris, Roberta Isleib, Hank Phillippi Ryan, and Charles Todd.

CrimeBake! And isn't this wonderful? Nikki Bonanni as Lisbeth Salander, me as Harriet Vane, and Margery Flax as a very slinky Emma Peel!


Look—Charlie on the MTA! The Boston subway's fare cards are also called "Charlie Cards" after the hero of Kingston Trio song. And their ads all say "Charlie's Back!" I look at the signs and say yeah, Charlie's back—from MIRA books!

Talk about cool. Yup, it's Lee Child. He was the guest of honor at this year's Crime Bake, and what a stellar choice. (I'm making this one into a poster.)

At Kate's Mystery Books—Kate Mattes' famous/infamous Christmas party! Here's the hilarious and debonair Robert Parker, who graciously signed his new Spenser mystery Now and Then.

Yes, it's Nora Roberts. And she was so gracious, and so hilarious. And so generous with her time and her advice. (Romance Writers of America Convention)

Right before the RITA awards! Here's my agent Kristin Nelson and her clients. RITA nominees Simone Elkeles, me, Kristin, Linnea Sinclair, Kelly Parra and Golden Heart nominee Courtney Milan. (Romance Writers of America Convention)

The blog room! Judy Scott, RWA webmaster extraordinaire, and coordinator Leslie Scantlebury ran a tight ship in the press room—including hosting a stream of authors, including me, for the RWA blog. (Romance Writers of America Convention)

And one of the luckiest things about having a name at the end of the R's—is getting to sit at the Literacy Signing next to the beginning of the S's—Sharon Sala. (Romance Writers of America Convention)

Another Nelson Agency RITA night lineup—Ally Carter, Maggie Marr, Kristin Nelson, Caroline Jewel and me. (Romance Writers of America Convention)

One of the many high points of RWA—chatting with the talented and hilarious Sarah Strohmeyer. (Romance Writers of America Convention)

The Daphne awards! A beautiful party sponsored by the Kiss of Death Chapter of RWA. I'm thrilled that Prime Time was nominated—but here's me with the very deserving winner, Nina Bruhns. (Romance Writers of America Convention)

Yes, its true...Prime Time was nominated for two RITAs. Here are the slides from the awards show. (Romance Writers of America Convention)

This woman is wearing exactly the same dress from the original cover of Prime Time. Turns out, she's Michelle Buonfiglio, the author of the incredibly popular Romance B(u)y the Book blog on the www.LifetimeTV.com website. And she was delighted to know she's also now a cover girl.

Steve Martini, David Highfill, Hank and Lee Child (Thrillerfest)

Yes, this is Sandra Brown. She did a thought-provoking and revealing seminar, interviewed by the talented Diane Vogt (Thrillerfest)

Here's David Hosp, one of the authors I consider my discovery. I so enjoyed his first novel, Dark Harbor, and I'm sure he sold dozens on my recommendation. He's a lawyer, in Boston. But I didn't meet him til Thrillerfest.

My panel on "The Rollercoaster of Emotion." Roy Johanson, Iris Johanson, me, Jill Gregory, Karen Rose, Sybille Barrasso, and moderator Joan Johnston. What a line-up! (Thrillerfest)

Katherine Hall Page, Agatha for Best Non-Fiction Winner Dan Stashower, Hank, Dana Cameron (Malice Domestic)

Hank with Margaret Maron (Malice Domestic)

Roberta Isleib, Hank, Nancy Martin, Lori Avocato, Lillian Stewart Carl—in the grand ballroom before Hank's Prime Time won the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award! (Romantic Times)

At the New England Chapter of Romance Writers of America Convention–Virginia Kantra, Lisa Gardner, Hank, Susan Wiggs. What a stellar trio to meet! Notice Susan Wiggs' chic yellow bag...and then Lisa Gardner's. (Romantic Times)

The "R" section of the NEC RWA signing table: Hank, Stephanie Rowe and Eileen Rendahl. We had a terrific day...Stephanie and Eileen were charming and so talented. The fabulous "R"s will be reunited in San Francisco at the RWA National Convention. (Romantic Times)

An amazing day. Signing the guestbook at The Mystery Bookstore in Los Angeles. In the same ledger book with Barbara Serenella, Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton. And Mickey Spillane. Wow. It was quite a rite of passage.

This is the jet-setting Rosemary Harris with Prime Time in Tanzania, in Mvumi Village, which is 20 miles outside of Dodoma in central TZ. She is my blog sister on Jungle Red Writers.

Here's every author's dream. This is the Staff Picks shelf at Willow Books in Acton, Massachusetts.

Sara Paretsky signed some of her books for me, and when I told her I had just been sent the cover for Prime Time, she insisted on seeing it!

Sara Paretsky is the award-winning creator of the V.I. Warshawski detective novels. When Sara introduced V.I. in Indemnity Only in 1982, she revolutionized the mystery novel. By creating a female investigator who uses her wits as well as her fists, Sara challenged a genre in which women were traditionally either vamps or victims.

He came to town. Selling butter. Well, no, that's wrong. He came to town selling "not butter."

Hank and Gary Braver, celebrating his latest thriller "Skin Deep" at the hip (and delicious) Redbones in Somerville. (Murder Under Bones event)

Here's a truly lovely book club that meets at Baker Books in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. They're all accomplished knitters, and their Knit Lit Club shares tips about favorite books and also wool-work.

Class photo! Hank, Hallie Ephron and Clea Simon after our panel discussion with the American Association of University Women, meeting in Canton Massachusetts.

Macy's Means Romance: A wonderful event at Macy's in downtown Boston, where our books were given as gifts with a purchase! Jennifer O'Connell, Annette Blair and Hank!

Katherine Hall Page held us all spellbound at Newtonville Books in Newton, Massachusetts. A real honor to be master of ceremonies. (Night of a Thousand Stars)


Marianne Mancusi and Liz Maverick don't always dress like this—they're the smart and savvy lead authors of the urban fantasy manga-style Shomi books...avant garde and edgy. Don't I look like I've got the role as their oh-so-conservative Mom?

Here's the astonishing and beyond capturing on photo Literacy Signing at RWA in Dallas. Tables of authors lined the room—then thousands of readers arrived to scoop up the books, all proceeds of which were donated to promoting literacy. Suzanne Brockmann, JR Ward, and so many more.

A whole line of the NEXT authors—we corralled someone to take our photo. Shirley Jump, Leigh Riker, Susan Crosby, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Lisa Childs, Stevi Mittman and Peggy Webb.

A wonderful event in Lexington Massachusetts, to benefit the Cary Memorial Library. Bill Martin, Valerie Wolzien, Bill Tappley, Vicki Steifel, Linda Barnes, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Jane Langton, Katherine Hall Page, Andrew McAleer.

The Waltham, MA Chamber of Commerce "Women in Business" breakfast. What a fascinating group, and so enthusiastic.

Here's part of the Sisters in Crime crew at New England Independent Booksellers Association convention in Providence, Rhode Island. Me, Steve Kelner, Gail Clark, Hans Copek, Judy Copek and Sarah Smith.

Sharing "war' stories at the New England Independent Booksellers Association convention—this is Jim Benn.

Shauna Staveley of the Arlington Advocate newspaper, interviewing me about Face Time and taping with a tiny camera at the same time. (Arlington Town Day)

Best-selling author Mameve Medwed and I chatted with booklovers at the Haley Booksellers booth on Arlington Town Day.

Another from Arlington Town Day—here's Shauna from the paper, Dick from Haley's Books and Geri from the fantastic Cyrus Dallin Museum.

This is me with David Le Breton, the gracious owner of Edgartown Books on Martha's Vineyard.

The wonderful people at the Wakefield Library. That's Frankie Bailey on my right, and Sylvie Kurtz is hidden by her fans. We had a hilarious and revealing evening discussing "Genre Blending—Combining Mystery and Romance."

There's more to this photo than what you see at first glance: oh, yeah, its the Marlborough MA Borders Books and oh, yeah, we sold almost ALL those Prime Times. (I decided to leave them 5.) But really, I have the cutest shoes...wish you could zoom in and check them out.

This is the amazing Mary Cotton, the owner of Newtonville Books. It's my neighborhood bookstore.

These are the truly exceptional women who run the Buttonwood Bookstore in Cohasset, MA. Owner Betsey Detwiler and Events Maven Totsie McGognagle. That's the lovely Claire Cook on the right, then David Gessner beside me.

This is a very hip spot in Cambridge called The Enormous Room where Tracy Slater's very, very hip Four Stories readings are held. I had told Tracy that I'd just received the art for the cover of Prime Time, and she asked me to hold it up.

This is me with the inimitable Jeremiah Healy, selling calendars and having a generally fabulous time at Crime Bake.

This is the cast of the "trial of the century," sort of, at the New England Crime Bake. The audience-jury voted on the fate of the Lee Child's iconic hero Jack Reacher—as Reacher went on trial for "murder" in the thriller Persuasion. Lee Lofland played the detective, Judge Ken Freeman was the judge, I was the reporter, Michele Martinez the prosecutor, Lee Child testified as Reacher, and Julia Spencer-Fleming was his defense attorney.

This is Kristin Nelson, my agent extraordinaire in the middle... and (from left) her clients and my dear pals Marianne Mancusi, Becky Motew and on the end Jennifer O'Connell. My favorite part of this photo is the accidental tiara created by the reflection of the chandelier behind me... (Romance Writers of America: New England Chapter Conference)

About 100 mystery lovers turned out at the Swampscott Library to talk about mystery writing and get the inside scoop about Face Time! This is me (with my faithful file folder), my darling husband, and Alyce Deveau, the librarian who organized the whole event.